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excess inventory


We can buy and/or manage your excess inventory and currently have over 3,000 BOMs recorded in our database, so finding buyers for your excess has never been easier. To submit a list, please email us at excess@intransittech.com or call John Fluman at 323-207-1044 ext. 101.

Here are four ways we can help buy and/or manage your excess inventory:

01 Lot Buys

Lot buys are the best choice for companies that need to get rid of excess material immediately. We will buy all your excess in one shot and take care of the freight. Also, if you need it boxed and palletized we can do that too.

02 Individual Buys

If you only have one item or several that you want off your books, then we will make you an offer. Email us the information at excess@intransittech.com and we will get back to you within one business day.

03 Consignment

Consignment works best for companies that want the highest rate of return and have time to wait for it. Occasionally consignment can take 3 months (and in some situations 1-2 years) to get a higher rate than a lot buy, but it does come.

We offer more services to our consignment customers than other companies that provide this service:

  •  3,000 BOMs to cross reference for easy seller-to-buyer match-up.
  •  Marketing on Google, Yahoo and 15 worldwide search engines specifically used by buyers in our industry.
  •  Commitment to sell $1 to $50 items.
  •  No long-term contracts. (If you re not completely satisfied, you can pull back your inventory at any time with no penalties. Not one of our consignment customers has ever been dissatisfied or wanted their inventory back.)

Intransit Technologies promises you the best possible results and total customer satisfaction. Upon receipt of your consignment items, we have the capacity to log, inventory and bring to market 1,500 line items weekly. We also QC check every item to make sure it is authentic and still in form. Once we complete the consignment set-up, we will send you a copy of what we inventoried. Every month that you have items on consignment with us, we will send you a detailed log of sold items along with a check (which is based on the percentage split negotiated).

04 On-Site Consignment

On-site consignment works great If you have lots of time and space. You hold the entire inventory; we will market it for you to buyers globally within the industry. As we receive offers and inquiries from prospects, we will bring them to you on a per item basis. Note that we require a minimum price of $50 for consignment purchases (per item). The downside is that you will miss out on all the $1-$50 items we would normally sell during a regular consignment program at our site, although if you have a large number of smaller priced items you can choose to set up a separate consignment agreement for those items to be sold from our facility.

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